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I know I need to get some fresh posts on my blog. I’ve been very busy at the studio and all my free time has been devoted to finishing up my Analog Tape Machine Alignment Instruction video which will be out soon. In the meantime, check out Preservation Audio Blog. Click on the articles to […]

This is a link to my friend Glenn Berger’s blog.  http://shrinky.net/2011/music/bob-dylan/bob-dylans-blood-on-the-tracks-the-untold-story Glenn and I have a few things in common. We both started our careers very young, right out of high school. We both were trained by Phil Ramone at the peak of his career. Glenn preceded me by a few years and was already […]

Before working at A&R, I worked at a small downtown studio named Chelsea Sound. It was a cozy little room located on the top floor of a small building on 14th street.  I’m having a hard time finding pictures of this room, which is disappointing because it was a funky looking classic 70’s tracking room. […]

My first real studio job was at a small downtown studio called Chelsea Sound. Located on 14th Street directly across from the Salvation Army.

While ushering at Carnegie Hall I started interviewing for a job in a recording studio . At that time there were dozens of facilities in Manhattan.  One of my first interviews was at Richard Factors “Sound Exchange” on 54th street. As a founder of Eventide Clockworks, Richard Factor is one of the founding fathers of […]

When I was in high school I got a job as an usher at Carnegie Hall. Working every night did nothing for my grades but the music was amazing. I worked at the hall about 2-1/2 years so I would guess in that time I saw more than 250 concerts. This is where I decided […]

In this blog I want to talk about recording studio history, What is going on at MSR Studios currently, and provide some tech tips. Today’s Tip involves the classic LA2A.   First be warned. The LA2A CONTAINS LETHAL VOLTAGES. DO NOT OPEN, MODIFY, OR ATTEMPT TO REPAIR. SEND THIS UNIT TO A QUALIFIED SERVICE TECHNICIAN. […]

I started working in recording Studios more years ago then I am willing to admit. As a kid growing up in New York I had two loves. Taking apart anything electrical or mechanical to see how it worked, and Music. When I was little my four older sisters kept a constant flow of new records […]