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Career Choice? I Love music, I Love Gadgets, I Hate Going To Bed.

I started working in recording Studios more years ago then I am willing to admit. As a kid growing up in New York I had two loves. Taking apart anything electrical or mechanical to see how it worked, and Music. When I was little my four older sisters kept a constant flow of new records in the house. First The Monkees, then the Beatles, Stones, Big Brother and the Holding Company, Doors, and Tim Hardin to name a few. My mother and father loved 30’s and 40’s jazz  Pee Wee Russel, Ben Webster, Billy Holiday,and Sidney Bechet. At night I hated going to bed so I would stay up late listening to FM radio . Vin Scelsa, or Alison Steele the ” Night Bird ”  who would speak in a soft bedroom voice as she played the latest progressive music.

While in High School i got a job as an usher at Carnegie Hall. School days, and Music nights. Weekends were drinking beer and listening to music at a friends house. (Any friend whose parents were away). We drank and listened to music. That was it. No TV, internet, cell phones or video games. Most of my friends also played an instrument. I took trumpet in Junior high and tried guitar but was never very good at either. After graduating Brooklyn Technical High School I tried college. I Lasted one semester. I quit school and got my first job in a studio. Chelsea Sound studios on 14th street.  The first time I heard a kick drum coming through those  Big Red  Altec monitors I was in heaven.
I spent about a year at Chelsea Sound then moved to A&R recording. I was a tech for a year and that’s where I met Jim Boyer and Phil Ramone. I became Jim’s assistant engineer first then assisted Phil. After a year with Phil I became his recording / mix engineer. We spent about 8 amazing years together before I went off on my own.
I’ve been very lucky. I’ve worked on dozens of Gold and Platinum albums. I’ve engineered Rock, Pop, Film Scores, and Broadway soundtracks. About 12 years ago I became Chief Technical engineer at Dave Amlen’s Sound on Sound Recording which merged with Right Track Recording and became first Legacy Recording and now it’s  called MSR Studios. I am currently Chief Engineer and Director of Operations at MSR .
© 2009 Bradshaw Leigh

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  1. I would just like to say to all my fellow Entrepreneurs…just remember that persistence is the key to success.

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