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Engineering Tips

Like many busy engineers when new software features are released I don’t always read the manual. I figure out what I need to use the new features in my work flow, and get to mixing. The 32bit floating point engine in Pro Tools is a case in point. I like high resolution so 32 bit […]

More Mixing for the Taiwan.

Elton John’s Tumbleweed Connection  Pink Floyd’s Dark Side Of the Moon  Yes Fragile Les Mcann and Eddie Harris Swiss Movement Allman Brothers Live At The Filmore  As a teenager listening to these albums ( In my huge groovy Sennheiser headphones ) I was transported to another place. I would close my eyes and I was […]

Working with Phil Ramone there were a few basic rules that were never to be broken. Rule One Engineering should be as transparent and unobtrusive as possible to the artist recording. Setups were to be done in advance and tested thoroughly. Your experience should allow you to record immediately on the artists arrival, even if […]

When mixing I often find the reverb I’m using is perfect except for one thing, certain bright or percussive elements cause the digital reverb to chatter. Sometimes it’s the attack of picking certain notes on an acoustic guitar, or finger squeaks when sliding down the strings. ( yes I know I can remove or reduce […]

In this blog I want to talk about recording studio history, What is going on at MSR Studios currently, and provide some tech tips. Today’s Tip involves the classic LA2A.   First be warned. The LA2A CONTAINS LETHAL VOLTAGES. DO NOT OPEN, MODIFY, OR ATTEMPT TO REPAIR. SEND THIS UNIT TO A QUALIFIED SERVICE TECHNICIAN. […]